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Rod: 38", Width: 28",  Height: 32"
Strands: 76 multi- colored.

(01) Times Square! How obtuse it is! Lights, lights and more lights. Las Vegas on the East Coast! Can both places be seen from space? It's all so amazing! What does it all mean? We humans seem to be attracted to places like Times Square and Vegas. Look at how many humans go to these places each day and year. Truly amazing! I guess one is stunned and shocked when you go to Times Square or Vegas. This 'artist', upon visiting both places, was also stunned and amazed, but mostly stunned, and shook his head in wonder and dis-belief. It was just all too bizarre! As people continue to die around the world from hunger and conflicts, we have the audacity. Some would say just enjoy it, don't think so much about it and its meaning. It's just fun! But how can one not be disgusted, deep in ones soul? Obtuse!

Yes, we realize that the piece "Times Square" is hung crookedly. Notice also that the rod is too long and symmetrically doesn't fit. That there are black dyed un-spun twine at the bottom of the piece that represents the dark, dirty side of Times Square. Everything is off, despite the 'pretty colors' in the main part of the piece. It is the 'artists' contention that even though Times Square has been outwardly 'cleaned up', it still remains true to it's history and is CROOKED and DIRTY. Where there is big business, the push to buy, buy, buy, flash but little substance, and 'big money' floating around, there is ALWAYS corruption. Thus, the piece is hung crooked and has it's dirty parts.

At beginning of the creation of the piece, the 'artist' had NO concept as to what the results would be. He just did it, as they say. As twine was spun and the piece was laid out for organization ( similar spun colors were placed next to each other) the 'artist' saw/realized/conceptualized the 'garishness' of the work and immediately thought of Times Square. The name has stuck, and the 'artist' still thinks it fits.

With an electric drill, multi colored acrylic yarn was spun WITH white twine to obtain the strands. Once all of the strands were spun, they were laid out on the floor and organized by similar color patterns. One the concept of the piece was realized the bottom strands were dyed black. The total piece was then placed on the oak rod, the end pieces were then chosen and glued into place. Done? Never! But one must declare it done at some point and hang it.

Designed to be hung crooked, but can also be hung straight, but, how boring. Ever time the 'artist' displays this piece it will be hung crooked.

The 'artist' finds this piece unsettling. Hanging the piece crooked is different from all other pieces that the 'artist' has done. Its unsettling! Its a symmetry problem. But it does have to be hung crooked. Plus, the subject: corruption hidden behind flash, is an unsettling subject philosophically. But that is art at it's best.

It is a major commercial intersection, and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA. At various times it has been called, "The Crossroads of the World", "The Center of the Universe" and "The Great White Way". According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, it is the world's most visited tourist attraction with over 39 million visitors each year. Daily 300,000 people pass through Times Square. It is the site of the annual ball drop on New Years Eve(about 1 million people attend the event each year).

We must remember that at one time Times Square was just a few small buildings surrounded by farm land and woods. Then in the 19th century John Jacob Astor got a hold of it and made a fortune selling off land lots as the area grew in importance to the ever growing City of New York. Money, money, money! It was named Times Square in 1904. Electrified advertisement signs showed up, the New York Times moved there in 1913. Theater's music halls and upscale hotels moved in, and as they say, the rest was history.

During the 20' & 30's the area was besieged with crime, corruption, gambling and prostitution. It acquired a reputation as a dangerous neighborhood. From the 50's to the 1990's it was considered a seedy area due to go-go bars, sex shops, adult theaters and drug trafficking. In the mid 1990's the area was 'cleaned up' by increasing security, closing the porno theaters and generally throwing out the undesirables. Advocates say it is now safer and cleaner; detractors say that the area has been homogenized or "Disneyfied" and that 'they' have thrown out lower income people who lived there.

There are now a HUGE number of animated neon and LED signs. Times Square is the only neighborhood with zoning ordinances requiring building owners to display illuminated signs. The density of illumination now rivals that of Las Vegas.

High end restaurants, multiplex movie theaters, ABC Studios, large financial, publishing and media firms, and Broadway Theaters now take up Times Squares space along with the hundreds of thousands of daily tourists. You can now sit on benches, have a cup of coffee and not worry about being hit by traffic, have your pocket picked or mugged. Times Square is now smoke fee, if you smoke you get fined $50 dollars.

A good friend of the 'artists' once said the 'lighting' was everything. Maybe he was right as he was also an 'artist'. So turn on the lights and lets all be amazed.

Considering everything: 10 thousand dollars seems fair! However, as all things are in life, the price is negotiable. Name your poison!



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