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Rod: 36"
Width: 33"
Height: 36"
267 individual strands unwound from single strands.
9,612 total strands
801 ft of twine
267 yards
2.2 times around a baseball diamond
2.6 times the length of a football field.
Dyes Used:
Colors were combined.
Natural: strawberry and cherry.
Rit: brown and purple

(02) 267 Wistful St

The 'artist' is surprised where this piece ended up as the result was not expected. The concept was to just dye some twine in different ways and see what happened. The 'damn' thing took on a life of it's own and dragged the 'artist' with it.

: full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy; also :inspiring such yearning <a wistful memoir>
: musingly sad : PENSIVE <a wistful glance>l
Definition taken from the Merriam Webster online Dictionary. Thanks!

7 DYE LOTS : Each dunked several times in different dyes.

The 'artist' certainly did not start out with the concept of 267 Wistful St. in mind. In the beginning the objective was to simply dye various groups of twine, and see where it lead. However, the process, by it's very nature, lead to further inspiration. The 'artist' was continually challenged to grow with, and change as the piece grew. Inspiration was provided by the 'artist', by the "medium and by the 'message'.

Twine was cut, then prepared for the rod at one end by looping. The twine was divided into 7 groups each group was then dyed several times in different batches of dye. The dyed strands were stretched, placed on the floor and played with until a pattern and color scheme presented itself. The strands were then placed on the rod and each individual strand was opened up to produce 3 smaller strands per original larger strand. Huh? If you twine it, you get it!

Hung straight from two ends of the rod. Could be hung against a wall or free floating in the air. It has been hung outside. Rain would change the piece in an interesting manner as the dyes bled downward. The dyes are not color fast.

Blowing in the wind.

Piece divided in half. Could be hung this way.

Excited with the way it turned out. It was quite the two year long journey. Off and on of course! Don't want to stay at 267 Wistful St. to long!

When hung in the breeze the piece seems to float.

Somehow the piece manages to convey color both in the dark and light range. The light colors take you off and the dark brings you back or the other way around. No matter which way, is seems to leave you in a 'wistful' state. At least the 'artist' thinks so! At times you can't take your eyes off the piece.

Started early 2011. Finished April 2013. Almost two years in the making. One of a kind. No wonder it's 10K.

Strands up close and personal. 267 of them!

Individual strands.

Rod end piece. Hand carved.

Considering everything: 10 thousand dollars seems fair! However, as all things are in life, the price is negotiable. After all, you are at 267 Wistful St., and its nice to be somewhere! So, name your poison!



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